Complying Requirements for your Commercial Kitchen

mobile kitchen trailer in Los Angeles Whether you are planning to open a commercial kitchen or renting a mobile kitchen trailer in Los Angeles, there are legal requirements that you need to comply with. Not everyone is able to take over an existing building that has already been used as a commercial kitchen, thus it is necessary to understand all local and federal laws relating to kitchens and kitchen equipment. For example, if you are renting a mobile kitchen for rent in Los Angeles then you need to comply with code requirements of the state Los Angeles. Each mobile kitchen rental in Los Angeles needs to uphold local building codes and pass inspections before operating. The inspections can be much longer than you would expect so it is important to address them months away from the day you’ll need the mobile kitchen Los Angeles. Here are the requirements you need to comply with your commercial kitchen. mobile kitchen trailer in Los Angeles

Licenses and Taxes

Public safety is a major concern in the commercial kitchen mainly because it is working with food that is being served to the public. A mobile kitchen rental in Los Angeles should obtain a license and be registered in the state Department of Public Health. A tax identification number from the Internal Revenue Service should also be requested and displayed in the establishment together with the health license. Most states also request for a sales tax license and for the mobile kitchen Los Angeles to file periodic tax returns. Never forget about applying for a business license from your local community, a must for all state.

Federal OSHA Requirements

The restaurant industry has a unique hazard thus it is necessary for a mobile kitchen trailer in Los Angeles to meet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements. OSHA is the one that regulates the workplace, keeping the customers and employees safe. The guidelines cover areas such as safe lifting procedures, food storage, blade guards on machines, and age-restricted jobs.

Local Building Codes

There are structural requirements for a building to be considered as a safe location for both employees and customers. This is called building codes. There are slightly different specifications set for each state but all are exhaustive in nature. Some codes that a mobile kitchen for rent in Los Angeles should adhere to are a hand sink for hand washing, a refrigerator that should be below four degrees Celsius at all times, chemicals shouldn’t be stored together with food products, and food inventories and utensils need to be at least six inches from the floor.

Periodic Inspections

Throughout the year, a mobile kitchen Los Angeles will receive several inspections without any notice thus it is important to always be ready. The inspections cover cooking equipment, food preparation areas, storage rooms, cooking surfaces, refrigerators, and freezers. A working fire sprinkler system and a fire extinguisher in the premises are also checked. All cleanliness and sanitation requirements should be met. However, before these periodic inspections, there are several inspections that a commercial kitchen should pass before operating.